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  • Christian Mellor

    Christian Mellor

    Improving Parkinson’s Care through technology. Founder @MedEngine

  • Marc Guirand

    Marc Guirand

    Founder & Tech-enabled services entrepreneur at @deriskvc ... I also help early stage founders as a Fractional COO

  • Miao He

    Miao He

  • Rudy Benfredj

    Rudy Benfredj

    Co-founder and CEO Mendelian

  • Arnaud Bakker

    Arnaud Bakker

    Early-stage VC @speedinvest | previously @jpmorgan

  • Simon Menashy

    Simon Menashy

    Partner at @MMC_Ventures. I write about venture and high-growth technology companies (more occasionally than I would like).

  • MMC Ventures

    MMC Ventures

    Find content from MMC Ventures at https://medium.com/mmc-writes

  • S. N. Mulier

    S. N. Mulier

    Writer, Thinker, Scientist

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