This article was originally published in Forbes

An “antechamber to the tomb” is how George Orwell described hospitals in his 1946 essay “How the Poor Die.” It reflected that patients went there to lie in a bed with little prospect of successful treatment. Thankfully, modern medicine has drastically improved outcomes. What’s more, hospital beds will hardly exist in the future, according to Eric Topol, Director of the Scripps Research Institute, in an interview with Chris McCann, CEO of Current Health. Why? A combination of changes in medical practice, advances in technology and changes to reimbursement mean treatment is poised to…

This article was originally published in Forbes

Movie studios used to make films, release them and hope you liked them. Blockbuster then brought films to your living room. Netflix now uses the information it has about you to predict what you will like. A similar shift is happening in health care as delivery moves from the hospital to the home.

The initial shift from hospital to home — i.e., the Blockbuster stage — is a long-term trend that has been sharply accelerated by Covid-19. Many patients have avoided hospitals and doctor’s offices for fear of getting the virus. The main…

I’m excited to be joining MMC portfolio company Current Health. Healthcare is increasingly being delivered in the patient’s home and Current is making it possible.

The growth of Current Health in 2020 has been astonishing. At the end of 2019 its market-leading remote care platform was well-placed to support the long-term trend of healthcare moving outside the four walls of the hospital. Then COVID-19 arrived and dramatically accelerated that paradigm shift. Now, Current is being used by multiple US and UK health care systems, including Mayo Clinic and Imperial, and several Top 20 PharmaCos. …

Read this analysis to understand why it’s an atypical investment

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Explore our State of AI 2019 Report and AI Playbook

Last year MMC invested £100m into technology companies (1% of all UK VC investment in 2019) with a significant focus on applied machine learning start-ups. The application of ML to the difficulty of drug discovery seems a natural fit but a deeper look reveals a complicated and nuanced dynamic at play.

This post is the first of two on ML drug discovery start-ups. The second ‘Building a drug discovery start-up…

These are my observations from the discussions I had during JPM Healthcare week in San Francisco. Attendees ranged from pre-seed tech founders to the GSK CEO.

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  1. Digital Health is a broad term — does it need a better definition?
  • Digital Health is used to describe everything from consumer facing meditation apps (Calm) to integrated biotechs (Recursion Pharmaceuticals).
  • Some ‘digital health’ founders are pushing back against the label — ‘we’re an enterprise Saas company that happens to sell into healthcare’.
  • Is a tighter definition needed? Fintech is similarly nebulous with…

Read this post to understand why we’re excited about digital health

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Explore our State of AI 2019 Report; highlights deck; and keynote video.

Computer vision and NLP-enabled start-ups are receiving extensive attention in radiology, given their potential to transform the speed, efficacy and scalability of diagnosis. Yet the use of machine learning (ML) is not yet common in the clinic. In order to understand the reasons behind this we’ve analysed market data and spoken with numerous vendors and healthcare payers and providers. …

At MMC Ventures, Healthcare is a key area of research and investment. I’m excited to invest in start-ups that will reshape the way I practised medicine

Want to discuss digital health? Reach me on Twitter Tom Moon

I began my career as a doctor in the NHS and invested approximately 10,000 hours treating sick patients at several hospitals in the UK. It was incredibly rewarding but often frustrating as cutting edge advances in technology rarely penetrated the inefficient and manual world of bleeps, fax machines and paper. Today, healthcare is in a state of profound change and in the decade…

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